SERIE No.6 Is composed of 15 garments, including clothing, bags and shoes. Pieces that stand by themselves; a Stripped Solbiati linen dress, an Acid Green silk shirt, a Limonta fabric raincoat, as well as cotton gabardine pieces in contrast with dyed sol pieces or Mako cotton knitted garments in black, brown and white. Suggesting a wardrobe composed if pieces rather than a collection.

 Gabriela Coll Garments works through series and does not follow any seasons. The Series are related to the way of dressing and the value of garments. They are composed of pieces for men and women, bags, accessories and footwear.

The Series are the result of a concrete imaginary and do not have a fixed number of pieces. They can be permanently available and overlap, constructing a biography through the resulting wardrobe.

The imaginary of Gabriela coll Garments has to do with her Spanish and Mediterranean origin, linked to the austere, the classical and the character of fabrics. In pursuit of a wardrobe that does not change every season, the Series are formed by pieces that age, coexist and can be layered. The image of summer and winter is then dispersed, as it is proper to the cultures of the South.

designed by a depuration process and minimal detailing, the pieces are timeless and reflect the nobility of the materials. They are crafted in Gabriela Coll Garments ́studio or by independent local manufacturers. Traces of the artisanship are noticeable in each garment, linking the final piece to its origin and production process.