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The Royal College of Art graduate, Renata Brenha, creates garments as means to initiate dialogues with a larger group of thoughts. Informed by her Latin American roots, Brenha attempts to catch a spirit, an attitude, with her creations - utilising the silhouette and the materiality of the fabric to recount neglected nuances. Textiles function as ‘text’ in the communities she explores - every garment is her translation of the multiple readings of resistance performed through dressing oneself.

She adopts the way of Gambiarra, a Brazilian attitude of improvising with existing materials to create new objects and meanings while leaving the process exposed. The designer works hands-on with artisanal techniques and upcycled materials in her Hackney studio, a space that is fuelled by and shared with Cocina Shoreditch, a plant-based food lab. The work developed by the two studio founders is as responsive to its East London neighbourhood as to their cultural explorations.